TEDxCoeurdAlene is now entering its third year, and we are excited to announce our upcoming speakers, so be sure to stay tuned to our social media channels for those announcements! Below you will find all the awesome videos from our past events, they'll go great with your morning coffee!

Kendra Wright

Kendra Wright, the creator of The Year Of Fear Project, shares the best of what she has learned after 850 comfort zone challenges. Kendra's bravery and determination will inspire you to face your fears. Kendra Wright is part entrepreneur, part self-help junkie, and part rebel. She is the creator of The Year of Fear Project and has completed 850+ self-assigned comfort zone challenges.

Ryan Oelrich

The talk every nonprofit and charity should hear and especially anyone considering starting one. There are over 1.5 million nonprofits operating in the United States, and in too many situations that's too many. Learn the questions every nonprofit should ask themselves, why we need to do a much better job of collaborating, and how Collective Impact provides a solution. Ryan Oelrich is the Executive Director of Priority Spokane, a nationally recognized collective impact organization working to collaboratively identify and address priorities for Spokane County.  He’s a Culture of Health Fellow with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and has an MA in Leadership and an MBA.

Tyler Alvarado

ighter, stronger, and smarter than ever before—the way we design, manufacture, and build is rapidly changing with emerging technologies. Traditional composite manufacturing techniques are plagued with high cost, low-material yields, long lead times, and expensive capital equipment until now! Forward-thinking, Tyler Alvarado, reveals how Continuous Fiber 3D Printing combines the benefits of additive manufacturing with composite materials to ignite the next Industrial Revolution! As the CEO of Continuous Composites, Tyler is an entrepreneur focused on building and inspiring those around him.  Headquartered in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Continuous Composites is a rapidly growing tech company in the composites and additive manufacturing industry.

Dan Cummins

Comedian, podcast host and self proclaimed eternal learner, Dan Cummins can not understand what happened to truth in media. If it bleeds, it leads. Why do we allow sensationalism to determine what news we consume. What would happen if we actually listened to the facts?  Dan is a stand-up comic who has appeared on The Tonight Show, Conan, Comedy Central, Netflix, TBS, NBC, VH1, CBS, Showtime, and more. He’s released five albums on Warner Brothers Records and is one of the most listened to comics on Pandora. He worked as a producer on numerous reality shows in Los Angeles such as Duck Dynasty. And for the last two years, Dan has hosted Timesuck - a podcast blending education and comedy that has been written up in numerous “best of” podcast lists and has spent over two years on the iTunes charts for the world’s top 100 most popular comedy podcasts

Devin Sommer

Playing more is more important than you probably realize. Learn how play shapes your mind, and the devastating effects of not doing it enough. From problem solving to communication, discover how better playing habits can create a better and more balanced world. Devin is a performance poet & community activist from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Devin spent 6 months living in Argentina and nearly 8 years living and teaching in Turkey where he witnessed the Syrian Refugee Crisis and an attempted military coup. Transformed by his experience overseas, he is an outspoken advocate of international study, regularly performing Hip Hop music with artists from all over the world in an effort to support cultural exchange programs, empower youth, and uplift communities.

Kelly Burns

It happens to the best of us; the opportunity to care for an elderly parent or other relative.  When you look for the JOY in the moment,  the HUMOR in the surprise and the OPPORTUNITY to share the experience,  you'll be pleasantly surprised.  The personal growth outweighs the challenges. Kelly is an inspirational, self-employed woman who has worked throughout her career to motivate, excite and lead her people to success. Recently she’s discovered compassion on an entirely different plane as a caretaker for her father-in -law with Parkinson’s (PD).

Robert Green

What if the robotic revolution ins't leading toward a terrible and scary distopia?  What if, instead, robotic technology provides a beautiful world where our needs and desires are fulfilled?  Robert Green offers surprising and practical insights about how we can use deep but largely forgotten philosophical traditions to reconnect with each other and find real purpose in life. Robert Green is an Idaho attorney with a background in both civil and criminal litigation.

Heather Swope

Heather Swope thinks that Americans have a hole in our psyche.  She uses stories from her experiences living in China, Mongolia, and Indonesia to shine light on how American's interact with each other compared to how people in other cultures interact. This video will make you laugh loudly, think deeply, and act more kindly toward the strangers and friends in your life.

Kimberly Rich

Kimberly reveals that regret, while universal, is actually avoidable. In this dynamic and surprising talk, she shares 3 ways that individuals can prevent regret and lead fulfilling lives.
Kimberly Rich is an author, a Certified High Performance Coach™, and Founder of The Bold Life Movement™. In 2013, she quit her corporate life to move overseas and start her journey as a location-independent entrepreneur. Now she empowers people worldwide to embrace unconventional living, to create life on their terms, and to live audaciously in the pursuit of happiness.

Chris Cochran

What happens to society when its primary mode of communication rapidly and radically shifts?  Chris Cochran leads us through the individual and cultural changes we can expect in the future as we change from a verbal face-to-face culture to a text based communication system that does not require personal contact.  His talk is insightful and optimistic and will help you be confident as you face the coming communication revolution.

Christine Schader

In this talk, Christine Schader (AKA: Smiley), author of The Happiness Connection, passionately shares the neuro-science behind happiness and how to apply that science to your life to achieve your goals, dreams, and desires while simultaneously tapping into expanding joy, happiness, and bliss daily.  Christine explains that happiness isn’t the sum of all the things in your life—in fact, your circumstances and belongings account for very little of your happiness.  You are whole, complete and perfect just as you are.

Kristin Keyes

In this is a journey of self-discovery, Kristin Keyes uncovers how she learned to love herself and develop a deep connection with who she is by walking a labyrinth. She explores what a labyrinth is and how it is useful in helping to quiet the mind, guide healing, deepen self-knowledge and empower creativity.

Mickey Howard

Mickey Howard started juggling when an awesome teacher encouraged him in kindergarten! Since then, he's continually added new instruments, tricks and props... every time he needs a challenge. He's been performing since the first grade, when he joined the juggling performance team at Sorensen Elementary school. During middle school, he was lucky to have the opportunity to continue juggling with three of his best friends in a group called FUZE. Now he is using all of that experience to wow crowds with a solo act called Junk Drawer Troubadour.

Kari Romeo

By changing the way she talked and thought about herself, Kari Romeo was able to turn insecurity into joy, doubt into confidence, and shame into self-love. This is the story of how she became a more happy, confident woman. Kari believes that every human being has unlimited potential and that the key to unlocking that potential is learning to love ourselves. For most of her life, Kari doubted her abilities, her self-worth and struggled with a poor self-image. To the outsider, she seemed quite successful, giving little indication of the almost constant negative discourse going on in her own head.

David Groth

David Groth is an educator, adventurer, and he loves to play.  His TEDXCoeurdAlene talk uses juggling, photos, personal description and the insights from decades of teaching experience to show the power of play for learning.  If you have ever wondered how school could be different and wanted a primer about how to do it - this talk is for you. David retired in 2016 after 37 years in elementary education.  For the last 23 years of his career, he incorporated juggling into his daily teaching, and found it to be a powerful way to connect with kids- and their families

Mary Mcdirmid

Mary McDirmid explains what its like to raise a child with a rare, complicated disease.  Speaking through both tears and smiles, she gently invites us to consider her daily struggles and joys.  As she describes the unending doctor visits, questions about the future, and her reflections on her own fragility, Mary makes the case for being brave.   Mary McDirmid is a rare disease advocate who connects people and ideas. She believes the scary part is only a part of the story after all and sees vulnerability as essential.

Andrea Parrish

Andrea Parrish has asked literally thousands of questions on social media daily since 2013. Based on this experience, she digs into why the idea that the idea of a "good" or "bad" question doesn't really work, and breaks down how the questions we ask and answer shape the conversations we have, the stories we tell, and our interactions with the world. Andrea questions everything: ideas, traditions, concepts, beliefs, and especially the questions themselves. She's asked thousands of questions on social media, just to see what happens.

Ryan Bones

In Dr. Ryan Bones talk, "Millennovation", he embraces and challenges the stereotypes many apply to his generation. After starting with a selfie on stage, Ryan thoughtfully and humorously shares how Millennials are different and why the world will be better as a result.

Ed Stevenson

We need to stop blaming addicts and start treating them. Right now, our treatment options are severely limited and often misguided. In this talk, Ed Stevenson passionately describes why we desperately need more treatment centers and better treatment options if we are to help our friends and family who struggle with addictions.

Raydeane Owens

Across the United States, we appear to be divided into opposing groups. Violence, intolerance, anger, self-righteousness and misunderstandings are common. This talk, almost a spoken word, will inspire you to seek unity within your own community by fully becoming the person you were designed to be.

Benjamin Powell

Solitude can be healing. Solitude in nature can work miracles. Listen to Benjamin Powell describe how he found purpose, hope and a career as a nature photographer because he found a place quiet enough to listen to the "still small voice" pointing him forward to his life purpose.

Scott Yost

Ever wondered why the cup of coffee you buy tastes better than the coffee you make at home? Are you interested in finer aspects of coffee brewing? In this expert talk, Scott Yost shares the specific steps to take so you brew a great cup of coffee every time.

Shawnee Baughman

From video games, to education to travel, VR is a game changing device. But there may be an even better application for this new technology. Shawnee Baughman argues in this powerful and thought provoking video, that VR's most important application is to enable people to truly understand and empathize with one another.

Angela Slabaugh

Angela challenges us to serve others without consideration for our own needs. Instead, we should help based on the needs of the people and organizations we encounter. Helping others will often require a sacrifice of time, money and energy far beyond our initial expectations but will also reward us deeply than we ever imagined.

JD Claridge

In this talk, JD Claridge describes the challenges that all inventors face. Along the way, he tells the story of a few of his own unsuccessful inventions. He also reveals the lessons he learned to enable him to bring his ideas into reality.

Come Nzibarega

Come Nzibarega describes his experience as a refugee from his home country of Burundi. His powerful, first hand description of being captured and tortured by rebels in Burundi is haunting. But it is Come's deep faith, self awareness and compassion that will stick with you after listening to his story.

Alyssa Pukilla

Schools need to change. Alyssa Pukilla passionately describes a well thought out, practical and effective plan to help students learn to love learning. Her dream? Schools that combine the educational power of technology with caring teachers to set students free to drive their own education.

Jessice L. Bryant

In this awe inspiring talk, accomplished watercolor artist Jessica L. Bryant shares her experiences as an Artist in Residence at several of America's National Parks. Her stories about the wild places of America will make you want to explore the wild places in your own community. And her incredible paintings may motivate you to paint your own experiences in nature as well.

Carli Osika

Often artists are told to do art as a hobby and not a career. In the same way, many people believe performing and creating art is not a "real" job. Carli Osika passionately defends her decision to do the "irresponsible" and become full-time writer and musician. This is a must-see if you are an artist or have an artist in your life.

hanna Michaelis

We have all seen Terry Moore's TED.com talk in which he describes a better way to tie a shoelace. In this talk by teenager Hanna Michaelis (and featuring her father Mark Michaelis as her mostly capable assistant), Hanna will describe a much faster way to tie your shoes. As you watch Hanna describe and demonstrate this easy technique to speed up shoe lace tying, have a shoe ready so you can practice along with her.


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